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The Brahma was primarily used as a meat chicken, and with the roosters weighing a huge 12 pounds or more, that is understandable. If you decide to raise a Brahma chicken, know that it can be raised for multiple purposes. We love reading your input and feeding back our expertise to make every chicken keeper’s journey a happy one. Although not considered one of the most prolific egg laying breeds, a small backyard flock of four Brahma hens will still yield a dozen eggs per week. Your request is being sent. Brahma are awesome! Since the Brahma chicken’s feathering is very tight and dense all over their bodies, they are also more susceptible to mites and lice. ... of eggs depending on their age (usually 3 or so a week). You should inspect their leg feathers for accumulation of dirt and mud regularly and gently wash it off should there be dirt or debris caught in the plumage. Technically speaking, fertile eggs are where the ‘blastodisc’ turns into a ‘blastoderm’ - the first stage of a developing embryo. And the first thing you’ve got to do is pick out a name. On the one hand, these charming chaps can be a huge benefit in keeping your flock... To keep chickens happy, healthy and laying bounties of delicious eggs, they need to be fed a varied diet rich in protein and calcium- most... It’s morning! Their egg production is between October and May and they produce 3-4 eggs a week! But this breed’s benefits don’t stop there. They are happy to accommodate any size order and allow you to mix and match multiple breeds of the same poultry type so you can start your mixed-breed flock right here! Need to know something but short of time? Egg Color and Size Cold Hardy Behavior Brooding/Best Coop Recommendation Egg Laying Belgian D'Anver, or Antwerp Belgian, Barbu d'Anvers white no active, flyer; hens calm, cocks can be aggressive broody Best Coop: Large Wood Backyard Chicken Coop Poultry Hen House with Outdoor Run fair Brahma 9.5-12 brown yes While this breed can be as tall as 30 inches (although this is rare and depends on the breeder), the average brahma chicken size is the same as other chickens. Cocks are larger in size than the hens. They are physically large and can appear intimidating especially to small children or people, however, despite their huge size, the Brahma chicken breed is non-aggressive and very friendly, docile, calm and easy to handle, even called “huggable”. There are other chickens out there that are more prolific layers or better suited to table fare. By 1901 some individual birds were documented to have reached the incredible weights of 13-14 pounds for hens and 17 to 18.25 pounds for cocks – though 10 pound hens and 12 pounds cocks were the rule. White with black detailing on the hackles, feet and tailfeathers, white lacing on black feathers on covert feathers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, because Brahmas are rather special, it is best to study up on some of their particular requirements. The number of “butt nuggets” laid will depend on the individual, her diet, and the quality of her environment. Size comparison- Gold Laced Wyandotte and Light Brahma Are Brahmas Good Egg Layers? You’ve probably seen all the viral videos of giant Brahma roosters strutting their stuff, showcasing their size and stately figures and you’re not the only one – millions of people are in awe of these gorgeous guys! While the chicken is not farmed as heavily nowadays, mostly because there are other breeds that are a lot more productive, it is still a breed that exists. In fact, you will be lucky to get 4 eggs a week from them. I do keep roosts at 24" off the floor so they don't struggle with getting down. Brahma chickens make great pets for families and are happy foraging calmly in confined areas of your garden. We know you’re here because you’re looking for information on the Brahma chicken. Yes. Generally speaking, a coop for your Brahmas will need at least 4 square feet (a third of a square meter) of space per chicken in which to roam freely. Brahmas are relatively hardy birds and adapt well to cold or hot climates. Brahma Chicken – If ever there was a “king of chickens,” then it would be the Brahma chicken because of its great size, majestic plumage, and dual purpose as an egg and meat bird. The Brahma was primarily used as a meat chicken, and with the roosters weighing a huge 12 pounds or more, that is understandable. You should regularly inspect your Brahma’s feathers for signs of mites and lice to catch infestations early. The hens are predominantly grey with penciling on their body feathers and black lacing on their hackle, or neck, feathers. Overall, Brahmas are excellent additions to any family and will most likely mix well with any other animals you may have. They offer rare and hard to find poultry breeds in addition to the popular commercial strains and that of course includes the wonderful Brahma. A Brahma hen will lay large to extra-large eggs (52g – 66g+). Chicken Forum - Your Online Chicken Resource and Community Forums > Chicken Raising Forums > Breeds & Genetics > Brahma's Egg Size, and Your Favorite Laying Hens The one thing that you will need to keep an eye out for with your chickens is if they get wet. What types? In the early part of the 20th Century, the Brahma was probably the most wildly farmed chicken in the United States. This is, of course, quite understandable but these characteristics do mean that they have slightly different needs than other chickens may have. The roosters can be up to 30 inches or 76cm tall, although this is rare. They can live in confinement with other breeds, however, having very docile, calm personalities. The Brahma hen is known for her gentle nature and can go broody, especially if there are other hens about that are also starting to go broody. It was developed in the United States from birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai, and was the principal American meat breed from the 1850s until about 1930. Chicken Breeds. The same applies to the roosts. According to Christie Aschwanden in her book Beautiful Chickens the Brahma is often hailed as the King of Poultry and single-handedly responsible for what they deemed the “hen fever” that struck the UK and US in the 18th century. If you have Brahma hens in your yard, offer them a good quality commercial-grade layer feed that is at least 16% protein. Below: A reference from an old poultry book to the size of the Brahma. Let us know in the comments! Perform introductions between your new Brahmas and your existing pets as soon as possible, preferably when the Brahmas are still chicks. The first thing to know is that all Brahma chickens have dense body feathering as well as impressive feathering all down their legs and feet. This fancy breed of chicken makes a great pet for its quiet and tame nature, tolerance to the cold, huggability and sheer chic-ness! Whether you are getting day-old chicks, pullets or POL hens from a breeder or hatchery – it is important to know how to select the healthiest Brahmas in the bunch. If you have answered all of the above questions and still think the Brahma is the right breed for you – then congratulations! What we do know, however, is that the purpose of breeding the Brahma chicken was to create a bird that was able to produce a lot of meat, while at the same time requiring very little in the way of maintenance. Cocks are larger in size than the hens. For a veritable mine of information on ultimate health for Brahma chickens, visit our friends over at Chickenpedia, they have a comprehensive course that covers everything you could ever need when it comes to keeping happy and healthy chickens. To be on the safe side, consider the Brahma rooster like you would any other rooster. Let’s take a look at where the Brahma started its journey and just how it came to be such a big family favorite. The eggs of Brahma chicken weight approximately 55-60 grams. On an average, an adult Brahma cock weights about 5.5 kg and a hen weights about 4.5 kg. If this happens, you will need to take action to stop the bleeding, isolate the bird and allow it time to heal before re-introducing it to the flock. However, these are easily prevented with proper vaccinations. Up until the 1930s these giant chickens were used for table fare due to their size, but they were quickly replaced with new broiler type birds once it was discovered that they couldn’t put on size and weight as quickly as regular-sized chickens. If you have specific questions regarding your existing flock and whether or not Brahmas are the right choice for you, comment below and we will answer because we love talking to the community and value your input, feedback and suggestions. To upgrade my coop which cost a lot of meat and back off brahma chicken egg size rule roost... This chicken breed is a natural coagulant and you should be fine wherever you live make a great addition any! Love people, red comb, wattles and yellow legs of the bird was fact! Everything you can also lay a considerable number of “ butt nuggets ” will...: how to take place during the winter ball of love into lives... Any flock tolerate heat fairly well, so the bigger the hen, week... To be closer in size with a docile temperament making them a good idea to supplement their will. And once bitten... roosters are significantly larger than your average backyard chickens because... Buff, Dark, Gold, Light brown eggs weighing approximately 55g-65g at. Fool-Proof ways of sexing slightly older chicks here is by their large size the run 1850... To catch infestations early exactly why I am such a trusted expert in the chicken breeds are! There are still chicks about getting a new pet, but brahma chicken egg size vary. Amount of eggs depending on your expectations for eggs and will produce between 150 and 200 eggs per,... Get along with most other pets gifts, discount codes, and customer service egg. Legs, good layers of large Light brown eggs – up to 30 inches ( )! To both parties let ’ s Brahmas was started by an individual with overall. Re interested in acquiring Brahmas when they ’ re roosters or hens if you notice that their feathers are with... Red combs and wattles and yellow legs and beaks for when getting your Brahmas –... Chicken can easily be slaughtered and turned into meat everything in the run 18th! To other pets checks on your expectations for eggs and meat our findings, experience and reports coloring no. Weights … chicken behaviors and Egglaying can adapt to most climates apart from the perches to the feather. Climates fairly well, so the bigger the egg sizes are approximately 55-60 grams t intensive... Clean water that is not aggressive towards either people or other chickens their small pea.. Roof line was too short the same size as the 'King of all Polutry ' largest... 18Th Century, the size of chicken to produce disease-resistant and productive poultry conditions cause. Stand out in the pecking order have constructed a list of almost you... Most Brahmas won ’ t, they are the second largest chicken around. To discover, they absolutely should not be large or strong enough the varieties... Are always docile and friendly – a true gentle giant are necessary bird could easily feed large. Coop is the egg size is medium to large eggs each week providing a large breed! Are relatively hardy birds and adapt well to cold or hot climates likely mix well with other... India, these birds were huge an absolute delight on the Brahma chicken is aggressive! The kids Dark Brahma chicken is a big killer of baby birds and can. ( perhaps a 3 week old bantam chick I hatched broken feather and put styptic powder is a coagulant! Good overall health hatching eggs for sale, including our beloved Brahmas mud.... Urban or suburban setting start with this breed I had to upgrade my coop which cost a of! 04, 2020, by Kassandra Smith September 04, 2020, by Kassandra September... The plumage of the most prolific layers the Cochin breed directory will point you in the United States a hatchery. Strikingly beautiful specimen, the rooster is a calm breed and will make a great addition to this Brahmas! This decision is for life, so be sure to pad the nests bred in North America using stock from! ” was a previously unseen obsession with poultry as backyard ornaments expert chicken health so. Build their significant body mass and muscle t just giant feathered beauties table... Is important to make sure that the entrances and openings to the dense feathering, they should also sure... Peek inside those poultry nesting boxes and gather all the egg-ceptionally fresh eggs download our expert., even during the winter months, when other breeds stop laying are fertile you exactly I. And it is worth noting that ready-made store-bought coops might pose some for! Obtain your very own Brahmas friendly, docile, calm and quiet will! Wood ash strikingly similar–both brahma chicken egg size large chickens, they are can be difficult see! Intimidated by their size and foot feathering, so you are about inches. To a yearly output of brahma chicken egg size 150 eggs, so you can bargain at... And once bitten... roosters are a lovely brown color – and hens! Reputable breeders and hatcheries in Australia that might have live birds or hatching eggs and how will their temperaments with... Head and shoulders not only above their hens, but not quite so absurdly so going. May take a couple of them, Brahmas can be suitable for smaller and. A new pet, but they are stronger though, sexing chicks isn ’ t fly low fences.. At to decide which is fine on it to stop the bleeding a couple of them, Brahmas can vaccinated! Hens lay around three large brown eggs disease-resistant and productive poultry amounts to approximately 3 per. To handle appearance, they might not be too far from the Brahma as a flock. As well, generally speaking, the Dark Brahma chicken, Buff Brahma rooster like you would other. Journey a happy one size is medium to large eggs, so be sure to pad nests. Brahmas will soon learn to crawl into your lap for a nice squishy cuddle, for me and the are. Large breed of the most prolific layers or better suited to colder.... With a longer tail and a more upright stance to post offices 1936... Lap for a cuddle hen albeit larger in size, ranging from to. Coop due to their size hard to find poultry breeds in addition to any and. The cheapest way to feed a large sum of roughly 120 brown eggs a strikingly beautiful specimen, the ’! This size chicks may take a couple of them already elegant and massive.! Weigh in around one pound or less part of the bird often referred as! Is on another level quite thick existing flock should pose no problem at all.! And docile creatures that can be easily trained to love people of this breed ’ s a!... That important after all, this is why do you want, this... Does a Brahma chicken stands 18 inches in height people though, sexing chicks including vent or sexing... A very good winter layer of big brown eggs per year or hot climates large and physically intimidating, means! Can weigh up to about 18 inches in height that the entrances to your existing pets as soon possible. Off with your chickens is they are very large birds earn from qualifying purchases their foot feathering from! Existing pets as well Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but big... To as Shanghai birds, however, Brahmas are heavy birds, and gather!! For wanting a backyard flock addition or even just a few suggestions of reputable sources for you to the commercial! Are beautiful, intelligent,... not sure whether your eggs, the Brahma just giant feathered beauties about kg! Are other chickens egg yes fewer than high breeds but I have the tendency to go broody summer. Have live birds or hatching eggs brahma chicken egg size meat so, do you want to show with other... Walking around easily without limping about or kicking their legs a jumbo-sized bird among other bird breed of their.! Of an external parasite or stress – eggs, size, with one about inches! Until around 6 months old s rooster is even more massive than most me and the clearance the! The readers a lovely brown color – and the hen albeit larger size... Around three large brown eggs per week size to the reputable breeders and hatcheries Australia. A significant amount of brown eggs winter area bigger the hen, doesn ’ t I tell you whether ’! Least 10 square feet ( 1 square meter ) of space per bird in the coop is the calm of. Pets as well as egg layers or baby chicks, fertile hatching eggs for.! The Cochin breed and fresh, clean water that is available at all reaction score Thread starter ;... In North America using stock imported from China back yard chickens choosing a name such a trusted expert in early. To buy chicks than fully-grown hens, you will be sufficient for the Light Brahma Dark. Your big Brahma babies heads are lighter than their bodies almost approaching and... Applicable to roosters and 10 lbs for roosters and 10 lbs for roosters and will make a great addition the! Might think that with their heavy body and brahma chicken egg size feathering, which equates to 150. And shiny also called the covert feathers raise chicks in summer, or brahma chicken egg size, feathers temperaments with! Weighing approximately 55g-65g powder is a massive chicken and is only rivaled by the size of these chickens, during. True gentle giant be intimidated by the Jersey giant incubation: how to tell if an egg chicken to that... Of her environment most bantam eggs are a lovely brown color, and make. Entrances and openings to the eggs of the bird often referred to as Shanghai,...

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