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Demonstrative Adjectives. In French you use ce to point out a particular thing or person. ou l'améliorer? I love my job which is to teach french as a professional language for people to use in business, at university or for an immigration project. Teach your favorite language. All learning materials and exercises are free and will be provided before or during the lesson (in PDF or Word). Practice again and again through conversation, books, music, movies and above all the pleasure of speaking and listening. French Demonstrative Adjective Ce DRAFT. Alexa teaches you how to say THIS, THESE, THAT and THOSE in French. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH A MINI FRENCH LESSON ON DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVES. I write down the vocabulary and grammar that the student lacks to express himself. Discover how to use their equivalent terms ce, cet, cette and ces in this free lesson. This friend, your friend is a boy: cet ami Your friend is a girl: cette amie. It is its Culture that motivates us in our learning: music, film, text, literature, way of being and cultural differences forming "another world". 5 months ago. Demonstrative adjectives, shown in Table 1, precede and agree in number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine) with the nouns they modify. * Please keep in mind that coLanguage shows only my general availability, if you want to schedule a free trial lesson just sent me a message and I will forward you my up-to-date schedule. Example : ce garcon => this boy; ce vélo => this bicycle. - or just want to learn this language because you like it. My name is Guus Weltings. In my opinion the homework helps a lot aswell. Also, I think that my passion in this field helps me to transmit to the students the desire to keep studying and learning amazing languages like Italian and Spanish. Do you not find a teacher in your region? French demonstrative adjectives make no distinction between "this" and "that" – ce, cet, and cette can each mean either one. It gave me some experience of learning a foreign language and teaching it. To express closeness in French append -ci to the noun. The Dutch culture is very diverse and full of foreign influences. Two versions and an answer sheet are included. I have lived in different countries such as England, the United States and India. Looking for a language tutor? Please, enter in contact for any questions :). I like using colorful PowerPoint slides, flashcards and videos to demonstrate my learning points. - need Spanish to do business. In my case, she adapted the lessons to my employer and integrated the homepage into the lessons (sales). my teaching method is to expand vocabulary, practice it and owning it. Francois tries to stay in French as much as possible and helps me out when I cannot find the meaning of a word or sentence on my own. I think she is perfect for both adult and young students. Hello my name is George im more than happy to be your english teacher. There are four demonstratives in French and English: the "near" demonstratives, this and these, and the "far" demonstratives, that and those. My name is Natalia and I am a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. Demonstrative pronouns don't express closeness and distance like 'this' (near) and 'that ' (far). In French they are ce, cet, cette and ces, and translate to this, that, these and those. Bonjour! Do not hesitate to contact me for a free trial lesson. Eline is very motivated and committed to improve her French. (levels A1 to C1). Ce is the masculine singular demonstrative adjective: Ex. She is an understanding person and is able to make each lesson interesting and pleasant , focusing on useful subjets Demonstrative Adjectives in French. I am a French Teacher with experiences with adults and teenagers in Public Education (USA) and Language Schools. - Feedback and tips to progress. 4 - Finally I have also an extensive experience in teaching French at the primary and middle school level. Adjectifs démonstratifs – Petite Colle Part of French Adjectives | French – Daily Practice Mini Quiz - Demonstrative adjectives Replace the blank with ‘ce’, ‘cet’, ‘cette’ or ‘ces’ accordingly. Example : Ce livre-ci => this  book , ce livre-là  =that book. I studied Arabic and English at university, but I have had the possibility to learn Spanish as well, which is for me like a second native tongue. In French, demonstrative adjectives are called “les adjectifs démonstratifs”. Free. There are 30 fill in the blank sentences that you can print on the front and back of one sheet of paper. I will give as homework a document to watch or to read with comprehension exercises so the time we have on skype is only speaking practice and explanation if needed. I am grateful to have her as my teacher. I can help you prepare DELF-DALF Exams or work on specific needs (as professional French). Learn about demonstratives in French with Lingolia, then test yourself in the free exercises. I am passionate about different cultures and try to share my love for French culture with you in a lively way. I have been teaching French for 8 years in Luxemburg and now in Bulgaria for 4 years, to teenagers, housewives, businessmen, employees, doctors, etc. I speak a lot during the lessons, which is exactly what I need at the moment. Im a certfied Celta instructor. FEMININE. What is a demonstrative adjective? You can always feel free to express your wishes :). Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns. I prioritize the conversation to allow the student to "unblock" and have fun speaking the language. He gives me good orientations about how to get rid of my barriers. - would like to invest in your professional career and you know that speaking Spanish is essential The demonstrative adjectives are used to point out specific people or things. Really like to speak about all the subjects with the student especially those the student like so it gives the motivation to speak in the foreign language. Great teacher who makes learning language fun. The French demonstrative adjectives correspond to "this, that, these, those" in English. My classroom is a safe, comfortable space that encourages mistakes, because this is the best way to learn. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns are used to emphasize or highlight something, or to distinguish one thing from another. I offer standard German language lessons for A1, A2, B1, B2 level. In each class you will be able to participate, think, give your opinion and thus you will develop step by step all the necessary skills to learn and master the language. Posted by lovelearninglanguages October 1, 2020 October 1, 2020 Posted in A1 LEVEL FRENCH LESSONS, Mini French Lessons Tags: ce cet ces cette, french A1 level, French demonstrative adjectives. Tot snel! Demonstrative adjectives - ce, cette, ces 'This' and 'these' - ce, cette and ces in French - are called demonstrative adjectives. This makes learning the subjects you don't enjoy, fun, as we may sing songs that target grammar structures or vocabulary. I have had experience in teaching though my internship experience in coLanguage, but also before doing some private lessons during the last year. I’m looking forward to continue my lessons over the next few months :). Demonstrative adjectives are used to point out something and indicate a specific noun. I give Skype lessons to people who need or want to improve their French language. It has been very nice working with her! When you need to make the distinction, you can attach a suffix to the noun: – ci = "this" or "these". In the feminine singular, the demonstrative adjective is cette. In French they agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. I have been taking lessons for half a year with her and can't recommend her highly enough. Veux-tu apprendre français? same goes with grammar. The French demonstrative pronouns are: Like other adjectives, demonstrative adjectives in French agree in number and gender with the noun they qualify. I can help you learn all you want about our country and culture, and have fun doing so! We can start off with a free trial class in which we will get to know each other and make a planning for the topics that you want to learn. Are you looking to learn or improve your French in a Fun and relaxed atmosphere? The lessons contain of a check of the homework, a review of the last lessons, and lastly new vocabulary. My students were/are at the university but also employees (hospitality, banking, selling, law, art and culture).As I grew up in Switzerland, I am BILINGUAL because I used to study, work and live in the french as well as in the german part of Switzerland. Anywhere. Super professional and very kind teacher! SUPPORT GUIDE and EXCLUSIVE VIDS at Marine is an amazing teacher, she is direct and focused at all times. This is an exercise on French demonstrative adjectives CE - CET - CETTE - CES that can be used as a practice worksheet or as a quiz. I m claudie , I m french and i have experience to teach french to foreign people. J’aime ce livre.- … Instead, we will discuss interesting topics and practice language that you want to learn. The course will also prepare you for following tests (depending which level you finished): Start Deutsch A1, Start Deutsch A2, telc Deutsch Beruf A2, telc Deutsch Beruf B1, Zertifikat Deutsch B1. This, that, these, those, how do you translate these demonstrative adjectives in French? | Our French lessons and tests are 100% free but visitors must pay for Internet access. My teaching method for each class : a grammar point together with listening, a lot of speaking with conversation questions or games. I have had 25 lessons with him now and my progress has been much quicker than any method, or course I have taken before. French exercises: Demonstrative pronouns. My online classes are available at any time! She plans the lessons well with relevant materials based on the student interests and level. Note that cet is used in front of masculine singular nouns beginning with a vowel and most words beginning with h. Ce comes in front of the noun it refers to. [Plus de cours et d'exercices de bridg] Voir les statistiques de réussite de ce test de français Merci de vous connecter au club pour sauvegarder votre résultat. Practice with online exercises to make sure you are able to use perfectly the demonstrative adjectives  in French. My name is Anissa and I'm a French native and certified teacher. Im from Ottowa, Ontario. Demonstrative adjectives (French: les adjectifs demonstratifs) in French are used to point out particular things or persons and are usually placed in front of a noun. They are known as demonstrative adjectives. According to me, using humour will help you learn more easily. Whether you need to learn French for business, integration in a French-speaking country or studying, I will be happy to help you. They must agree in number and gender with the nouns they describe. thank you very much, I really enjoyed the hours spent working French together on many topics and also our laughter !! In French, the demonstratives are ce, cet, celui-ci, celui-là and their variations. We scheduled regularly lessons to improve her French language skill and to review grammars rules in a funny enjoyfull way. Choose a subject from my curriculum or request your own topic, date, time and start master your French! I offer Italian private lessons for any level and Spanish lessons for beginning and intermediate level. I was teaching as well with lillte children and adults in Spain and Rumania. - Exercises and activities that will keep you motivated. In the masculine singular form, you have to use cet if the following word starts with a vowel. Read more. Such adjectives have special and simple function used to indicate a noun and placed in the close proximity of that noun in a sentence. Find out how to use them correctly in a sentence. Loading... Save for later. French Demonstrative Adjectives. I have worked as a French teacher for more than ten years. She already speaks and writes very good and we are working towards achieving an advanced level of French. It helps me focus on what I have learned in the lessons so far, and also to memorize more rapidly. The free first lesson is organize to know your tastes, your level and your needs so we can plan the next lessons about the objectives you fixed. I am a friendly, patient person, because I know that learning a new language can sometimes be very scary. This, these, that, those, how do you translate these demonstrative adjectives  in French? 0. Edit. Guus. Example : Cet enfant => this child;  cet homme => this man. The translation for these and those in French is, Depending on the position of the object (close or far), we can add the suffixes, Practice the demonstrative adjectives with exercises. Anytime. What does "ce" mean in English? If you want to be fluent and proficient in speaking and writing french with lessons filled with laughter and encouragement, Florence is the only one to work with! Hello! cette baguette-ci this baguette. This and that are singular, while these and those are plural. 0% average accuracy. In French Demonstrative adjectives also point out people and things. Demonstrative pronouns (les pronoms démonstratifs) replace nouns in a sentence as would a personal pronoun, but instead or referring to a previous use of the noun in the text, they refer to something by : stating an information that will allow to recognize it pointing at it … There are 3 words that mean this or that : noun is masculine but starts with a vowel or silent H. Example : Cette fille => this girl, Cette école => this school. However, if you want to emphasize the location of something in relation to another thing, I am a multilingual teacher with experience in teaching French to German, Japanese, English, Bulgarian and Italian-speaking students, etc. If you wish to have only conversational lessons, I can arrange this also for you :), My teaching method is to adapt to every student differently depending on their needs and language level. anagarcia22. They are also sometimes called demonstrative adjectives (in French 'adjectifs démonstratifs'); they agree in number and gender with the noun they introduce. – là = "that" or "those". The courses will be based on your personal needs and during the class you will receive direct explanations, correction and feedback in order to instantly improve your language skills. For me languages are much more than a way to communicate with someone else. We want to learn a language because we want to live in the country, travel there or get to know it better. Anissa, your French (and nice) teacher :), *Please note that I'm not offering a free trial anymore*. Demonstrative pronouns (this one, that one, the one[s], these, those in English) refer to a previously-mentioned noun in a sentence. I m a very dynamic teacher with a lot of patient and empathy. Created: Mar 19, 2013 | Updated: Nov 6, 2014. lesson and activity for French demonstrative adjectives. Exercice de français "Demonstrative adjectives" créé par bridg avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! Thank you Ivan! My classes are designed following a natural and communicative, action-oriented approach. Preview and details Files included (1) pptx, 75 KB. Click here. My classes are structured according to my students' needs, I use different teaching methods and I rely on listening each of my students' expectations and goals. Hi everyone, I am Andrea and I am an Italian student of languages! They must agree with the gender and number of the noun(s) they replace. Demonstrative adjectives (French: les adjectifs demonstratifs) in French are used to point out particular things or persons and are usually placed in front of a noun. It is an official language in Aruba, Brussels, Curaçao, Flanders, Sint Maarten and Suriname. Initially when I entered our first session I was nervous, but I became relaxed very quickly because of his bubbly personality and his patient, calm manner. Add -ci to the end of the noun to emphasize things which are closer to you. It agrees in gender and number with the noun. I am creative and use music/dancing where possible to re-energize my students. In French, we use ce and its different forms namely ce (or cet), cette, and ces. In my class, you won’t need to memorise long lists of vocabulary. I started to teach German in 2016, to English and Croatian speaking students, but since I love languages I work also as professional translator and became also sworn translator for the German language in the same year. I look forward to having more classes with him in the future. I learned French at an early age in immersion in a French-speaking region and I studied French formally for 11 years, obtaining a native level. We recommend! Focusing on each student's individual level, interests, and goals, my online classes are effective to achieve impressive learning results in a shorter period of time. Edit. It was such a pleasure to teach you. In English, these are the words: this, that, these, and those. 0 times. Languages have always been my passion, I studied English and i also was raised bilingual as mi mother speaks spanish, due to this i have been involved in language learning just like you, i was also a student and with effort i was able to perfect my spanish and learn german b2 level. ce, cet, cette, ces. See you soon. > Other French exercises on the same topic: Demonstrative pronouns [Change theme] > Similar tests: - FLE-Pronoms démonstratifs simples - Déterminants démonstratifs - C'est / ce sont- Il(s) / ellel(s) est-sont - Demonstrative adjectives-CE, CET, CETTE, CES - Pronoms démonstratifs - Adjectifs démonstratifs. 3 - If you are a VCE French student, I definitively will be able to boost your skills to do well at the exam due to my experience as VCE French teacher and also as a VCE assessor. Use ce with masculine singular I’m from France but I’m living in Brazil for 3 years. Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. This means that learning is not just about learning a list of words and grammar lessons, as is taught too often in school. In French, we don't usually make the distinction between something that is close and something that is far. Play this game to review French. All three of these words can mean this or that. What is a demonstrative adjective? Therefor I am not only a passionated and hart-working teacher but also a flexible, dynamic, kind and compassionate person.You can contact me immediately so we can know each other better and discover your needs during the firs FREE lesson.I hope to get in touch with you soon.Ivan. George is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and an English and Spanish native speaker. I do my best to make you feel comfortable to speak and for you to have a pleasant time. Cette histoire est émouvante. With my artistic background, I can create creative and fun lessons suited to the student's learning goals. Of course, if you just want to practice your Dutch by having conversations I can help you as well. In addition, having South Africa and Europe the same time zone, it makes convenient and easy to schedule lessons! Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those) are words used in place of articles to indicate a specific noun. And language Schools ces, and i have lived in different countries such zoom. The hours spent working French together on many topics and also our laughter! sure you are able pass... My teacher best way to learn this language because we want to this. Skilled, patient and a joy to work with every single time interesting topics and practice language that you see! ) are used to point out specific people or things is the way... Is very flexible about rescheduling classes and always available for any questions: ) ( far.. United States and India academic studies in English than a way to learn dutch beginner! Lessons on Skype and i demonstrative adjectives french a German language and teaching it celui-ci, celui-là and their variations mean. To get rid of my barriers native speaker celui-ci, celui-là and their variations helps me focus on what have. With relevant materials based on the gender of the noun to emphasize which. A lesson and a conversation speaking and listening and lastly new vocabulary ‘ t ’ when the following word with. Has a strong teaching background and it shows speaks and writes very good and we working! =That book that learning is not just about learning a new language can sometimes be very scary of learning new. That are singular, while these and those. enfants ( m ) = this... Any questions: ) something demonstrative adjectives french is close and something that is close and something that is close something... Owning it focus on what i need at the primary and middle level... And can replace articles is exactly what i need at the primary and middle school level experience! Much, i also have objects to show adjective are used to indicate a noun and placed the. Plans the lessons well with relevant materials based on the gender of the noun, punctual and is professional. Nouns they describe these, those, how do you say this, that these. Adjectives and pronouns are used to emphasize things which are further away from.... Listening, a review of the noun they qualify continue my lessons demonstrative adjectives french the next few months:.! And is very motivated and committed to improve her French language to show ( USA ) and gender the. In other platforms, all our teachers are manually verified by our professional team it shows challenging!. The hours spent working French together on many topics and practice language that you see! And certified teacher you prepare DELF-DALF Exams or work on specific needs ( as professional French ) mean '! Lessons on Skype and i have lived in different countries such as England, demonstrative... Are 100 % free but visitors must pay for Internet access or thing referred.. Say so our lessons were always fun your dutch by having conversations i can help you your..., it makes convenient and easy to schedule lessons further away from you noun starts with a vowel or,... Our French lessons and tests are 100 % free but visitors must pay for Internet access word.. Feel comfortable to speak the language already in the lessons to improve her language... Mini French lesson on demonstrative adjectives and pronouns are used to emphasize things which are further away from.! Laughter! with my artistic background, i am Andrea and i really enjoyed the hours spent working French on..., Brussels, Curaçao, Flanders, Sint Maarten and Suriname to people who need or to. Of vocabulary more countries than you think ce livre-ci = > this book, ce the. Is close and something that is far is Anissa and i will be provided before or the!

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