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—Will Leitch, Year: 1954 Director: Nicholas Ray Stars: Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge, Sterling Hayden, Scott Brady Genre: Western Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93% Rating: PG Runtime: 110 minutes, Johnny Guitar is a film that barely hangs onto its genre trappings—and is one of the strangest and rarest of fifties Westerns. Those who grumbled cynically that the seventh book in the series was divided into 2 parts are answered here. It’s a weird genre hybrid but may fit the bill if you’re looking for a different kind of action movie on Hulu. She’s our audience surrogate, surveying the narrative’s kink with her typical wild-eyed disbelief; he’s a larger than life bohemian stereotype whose charm lets Schwartzman wear his crown as the king of amicable jerks more snugly than he has in his last half dozen roles. James Mangold directed this remake of the 1957 classic, which was based on a short story by the great Elmore Leonard. It never feels like Romeo and Juliet have a chance, and Luhrmann communicates the nauseous impossibility with a delicacy that manages to co-exist with the frenzy.—Shane Ryan, Year: 2009 Director: Jason Reitman Stars: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Danny McBride, Jason Bateman, Melanie Lynskey Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Rotten Tomatoes Score: 91% Rating: R Runtime: 109 minutes, Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) lives his life traveling, and he loves it, even though his job is to fire workers for employers who can’t break the news themselves. Nicolas Cage leads one of his best ensembles in an action movie about a plane full of convicts that gets hijacked. —Josh Jackson, Year: 1997 Director: Luc Besson Stars: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm Rotten Tomatoes Score: 70% Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 126 minutes, In an early scene from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, there’s a subtle but very telling exchange between the film’s two protagonists. We do the same. —Chet Betz, Year: 2017 Director: Lynne Ramsay Stars: Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, Ezra Miller Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes Score: 75% Rating: R Runtime: 111 minutes, A pitch-black drama from writer/director Lynne Ramsay, We Need to Talk About Kevin is a fascinating study of a sociopath, a family, and the former’s effect on the latter. Stream movies online with a no commitment 30-day trial to watch movies on Hulu. A group of astronauts in 2057 are tasked with reigniting the dying sun, knowing that they probably can’t come back after doing so. Whether it’s the scene of Seita setting eyes on his mother for the first time after the firebombing, or Satsuko inadvertently stumbling across a corpse while playing at the beach, the film raises these children’s hopes of escaping a living hell on earth as quickly as it dashes them. It swings for the fences and mostly pulls it off, even if its grand vision wasn’t matched by equally grand successes.—Jacob Oller, Year: 2013 Director: Joe Swanberg Stars: Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston Rotten Tomatoes Score: 83% Rating: R Runtime: 90 minutes, If you feel compelled to go full indie and can’t stand love stories with tidy, happy endings, Drinking Buddies should be your pick. There’s hope in that, however pathetically little. Best movies to stream on Hulu, according to critics. His ailments are entirely his own damn fault. They are competing for the same audience’s faith, and they need all of it, because it is not something that can be shared (many religious institutions hold similar dogma for similar reasons). Over the course of one harrowing day at Double Whammies, Manager Lisa Conroy (Regina Hall, bastion) goes about her run-of-the-mill duties—standing up to volatile customers, training new waitresses, dealing with a seemingly inept cable guy—in addition to organizing a car wash fundraiser for an employee and her shitty boyfriend, serving as whipping girl to the restaurant’s shitty owner (James LeGros, male insecurity personified) and generally navigating the exhausting reality of what her job is and what it represents. You won’t be able to catch your breath. And to be sure, it’s a fitting end for the storied franchise. The film was front-and-center for the argument that anime “wasn’t just for kids” in the mid-’90s, and qualifies today as a must-see title for a serious anime fan. Lori Loughlin Is Out of Prison After Serving Just Two Months. Per the Deadpool comics, the movie is, atypically for superhero cinema, gory, profane and loaded with sex jokes. Molly wants to be the youngest person ever elected to the Supreme Court, while Amy seeks to discover what possibilities life may open up for her. —Tim Grierson, Year: 2006 Director: Christopher Nolan Stars: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine Genre: Thriller, Fantasy Rotten Tomatoes Score: 76% Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 130 minutes, In The Prestige two competing magicians try to outdo each other, but are really trying to achieve a brand of immortality. It’s quite a movie. Holiday Deals Gift Cards Best Sellers Customer Service Find a Gift New Releases Whole Foods AmazonBasics Sell Free Shipping Registry Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper ... 1-16 of over 50,000 results for "samurai movies" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. In the end, Tangerine is about discovering that our roughest edges can be both our most colorful and meaningful. In taking a page from his subject’s life and music, director Bill Pohlad (best known for producing credits like 12 Years a Slave and Into the Wild) largely rejects sentimentality in chronicling a reluctant pop star who wants to craft something more than shiny, happy hooks. Not credited to any director but completed by music producer Alan Elliott (and shot by Sydney Pollack), Amazing Grace is a straightforward presentation of archival materials without contemporary context or insights. —Toussaint Egan, Year: 2015 Director: Alfonso Cuarón Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Michael Gambon Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Rotten Tomatoes Score: 90% Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 141 minutes, J.K. Rowling’s seven books about a boy wizard, his magical school and the battle between good and evil have all been adapted into movies to varying degrees of success. This is a risky proposition for a director, particularly with a big studio movie with big stars like this one: a movie that becomes more confusing and disorienting as it goes along. Start your free trial to watch Samurai Harem and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. He goes to have a drink with his neighbor, Nathan Steele (Reece Shearsmith), who has enshrined a dead man’s head within a television set. The former far outnumbers the latter. expecting to simply see a film about the Black Lives Matter movement and some of the people behind it. The legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa directed Seven Samurai as well as many other samurai movies on this list.. It’s set in 1586 in feudal Japan where a farming village is continuously under attack from bandits. It’s essentially the horror equivalent of what Tolkien did for the idea of high fantasy “races.” After The Lord of the Rings, it became nearly impossible to write contrarian concepts of what elves, dwarves or orcs might be like. And if you are of the opinion that black lives do matter, you might expect to be moved and motivated to either continue on in your activism, or take to the streets for the first time in your life. But this was the first to get a wide, theatrical release, and distributor Artisan Entertainment masterfully capitalized on the lack of information available on the film to execute a mysterious online advertising campaign in the blossoming days of the Internet age. I, for one, anticipated another powerful, but difficult, film, similar to 13th and this year’s equally excellent The Blood is on The Doorstep. Bong’s interest in income inequality and class has spanned the majority of his career, examining the ways it impacts the justice system (Memories of Murder, Mother), the environment (Okja) and the institutions responsible for both the exacerbation of wealth inequality and failing to protect those most marginalized by that inequality (Snowpiercer, The Host). It seems like her father is a raging narcissist and her mother is “honest” in a way that makes you want to never take a phone call from her, ever. With flashy precision, Wardle quickly recaps how they found one another—two of the brothers serve as the film’s lively talking heads—and sets the audience up for a happy ending about long-lost siblings finally reconnecting. However, in its keen and sensitive and moving observations about the uncertainty in being Asian-American, it’s always drifting, and Wu’s incredible ability to convey all those ideas wordlessly is what makes the film more than just about a material China girl. For Parasite, Bong takes a slightly different angle—he’s no less interested in inequality’s consequences, but here he sees how class as performance manifests, particularly when people are plucked from one echelon of society and put in another. Gripping and disturbing, Ramsay’s effort (co-written by Rory Stewart Kinnear) strikes at a vague yet central parental fear through its horrifying specificity: what happens if I screw this up? (In one scene, Wilson argues the Beach Boys’ true “surfer” cred with his bandmates, knowing better.) The film hums and moves in ways that other action movies just don’t. That Liu shoots these scenes—especially the film’s opening, set to a stirring classical score—with so much levity and beauty, with so much kinetic freedom, only assures that, for as much as Crystal Moselle and Jonah Hill love their subjects, Liu lives with them. —Christina Newland, Year: 2018 Director: Hirokazu Kore-eda Stars: Lily Franky, Sakura Ando, Mayu Matsuoka, Kairi Jo, Miyu Sasaki, Kirin Kiki Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes Score: 99% Rating: R Runtime: 121 minutes, The Shibatas—Osamu and Nobuyo (Lily Franky and Sakura Ando), daughter Aki (Mayu Matsuoka), son Shota (Kairi Jo) and grandma Hatsue (Kirin Kiri)—live in tight quarters together, their flat crowded and disheveled. As Tish’s mother, Regina King perhaps best understands the wickedness of that hope, playing Sharon as a woman who can’t quite get what she wants, but who seems to intuit that such progress may be further than most in her situation. Over two nights in January 1972, Aretha Franklin (just shy of her 30th birthday) recorded what would become the greatest-selling gospel album of all time—and arguably her finest album, period. Sterling Hayden sidles in as Vienna’s love interest and the catalyst for the witch hunt, but he’s hardly the driving force of the film. She must not reveal to Heloïse that she has been tasked with painting her, instead posing as a companion for afternoon walks, memorizing the details of Heloïse’s features and toiling on the portrait in secret. More importantly, it established all of the genre rules: Zombies are reanimated corpses. —Andy Crump, Year: 2007 Director: Judd Apatow Stars: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill Genre: Comedy Rotten Tomatoes Score: 90% Rating: R Runtime: 129 minutes, For its many schlubby white-man sins—and its wolf-in-dog’s-clothing conservatism—Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up performs the essential romantic-comedy service of focusing on, in drawn-out detail, the consequences of not taking responsibility for oneself in any relationship. It’s hard to know how intentional any of this was, since Besson still gives us a stoic tough-guy who saves the day. You may not be able to see a high-powered blockbuster in theaters in 2020, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching one at home! Seems about right. Steinfeld is up to the challenge, making us believe in Bumblebee’s existence almost as much as the animators who worked on bringing him to life. Sure, people had already been doing found footage movies; just look at The Last Broadcast a year earlier. The Dark Knight (2008) IMDB Score 9/10. al.) Nicholas Ray specialized in borderline-hysterical, hyper-magnified psychological drama, regardless of the setting. Anime TV shows and Movies on Hulu . Mixing maximalist set pieces and the high tension drama of psychosexual mind games, Casino Royale gives Bond grit, a splintered heart and a palpable sense of mortality. Sometimes the rock is just a shit-stained rock. He made a movie that was so singular and so stylish, you could’ve walked into the theater with no prior knowledge of Harry, Hogwarts and the fictional wizarding world whatsoever and still be stunned and satisfied when the lights flickered back on. What remains the same is our horror at Dafoe’s exit from the film, and what it means in context within the narrative. Eight Days a Week, Ron Howard’s new Beatles documentary, focuses exclusively on the band’s touring years, from 1962-1966—and while it certainly doesn’t break any new ground, it’s a fun retelling of the band’s meteoric rise. The story depends so much on caring for Harry. Cinematographer Lachlan Milne’s sweeping, colorful panoramas and a chapter-based narrative structure gives Hunt for the Wilderpeople the feel of a storybook fable, but thanks to the warm-hearted dynamic between Ricky and Hec (Sam Neill), even the film’s most whimsical moments carry a sense of real underlying pain: Both of these characters are outsiders ultimately looking for a home to call their own. That goes not only for its approach to characterization, but just about every narrative aspect of the work—from the way Baker develops his larger plot to how he sequences his shots, carefully upholding its characters’ sharply divisive existence. —Jonathan Hickman, Year: 2016 Director: Ben Wheatley Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Rotten Tomatoes Score: 60% Rating: R Runtime: 119 minutes, High-Rise begins with the past tense of Wheatley’s traditional mayhem, settling on tranquil scenes of extensive carnage and brutal violence inflicted before the picture’s start. For these reasons and so many more, every anime fan must grapple at some point or another with Akira’s primacy as the most important anime film ever made. In the first two films, Hogwarts students flitted across the vibrantly green castle grounds underneath endlessly blue skies. Because there is no hope in The Assistant, no chance the film’s central evil will meet his punishment, or that the system built to facilitate his evil will collapse. In the case of our well-meaning fool, Christian (Claes Bang), that burden is made heavier by hubris, pomp, the kind of commodifiable liberal arrogance that dupes people into thinking they’re helping by responding to mass shootings and natural disasters with hashtags. Marathon! The deeper we go into the world of these two sex workers, the more we forget our assumptions of those who inhabit it. Perhaps no other series of children’s films (and few series of films period) has delivered as consistently good visuals and narrative as Potter, and the final chapter is nothing less than epic. But with , Besson doesn’t replace the male action hero, but rather makes him more complex. Set in the 19th century, the film begins with teenager Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) seeking revenge on outlaw Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin), the man who murdered her father. This isn’t about a father who, in a brief moment of weakness, failed to protect his family, it’s about the dynamics of any relationship: Can we ever know the people we love most? Meek’s Cutoff is a stark, minimalist film, which is to say it’s a Kelly Reichardt film. The great Jack O’Connell (Godless) plays a new recruit in the British Army who has basically been stranded behind enemy lines after a violent encounter and is forced to fight his way home. Art, after all, is innately political, and The Square has politics in its DNA. Even when the party ends and the reality of the scenario sinks in for its characters, Palm Springs continues to fire jokes at a steady clip, only now they are weighted with appropriate gravity for a movie about two people doomed to maintain a holding pattern on somebody else’s happiest day. Or annihilation. There have been so many Star Trek films over the years with various cast iterations, but the general consensus remains that this 1982 sequel is the best film in the entire catalog. Instead, Hatidzhe must accept what’s happened and move on. —Kyle Turner, Year: 2018 Director: Tim Wardle Genre: Documentary Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97% Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 96 minutes, Tim Wardle’s Three Identical Strangers revisits the endless nature-versus-nurture debate with the incredible story of Robert Shafran, Edward Galland and David Kellman, perfect strangers who discovered in the early 1980s that they looked eerily similar and were, in fact, triplets who had been separated at birth. —Dom Sinacola, Year: 2016 Director: Taika Waititi Stars: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Rima Te Wiata, Rachel House, Oscar Kightley, Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne, Rhys Darby Genre: Comedy, Adventure Rotten Tomatoes Score: 96% Rating: NR Runtime: 101 minutes, Bella’s (Rima Te Wiata) first encounter with Ricky (Julian Dennison), the new foster child she’s agreed to take on, doesn’t inspire confidence, especially with her clumsy jokes at the expense of his weight. —Jim Vorel, Year: 2017 Director: Angela Robinson Stars: Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton, Oliver Platt Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86% Rating: R Runtime: 108 minutes, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women tells the story of two married psychology professors at Radcliffe College, Bill Marston (Luke Evans) and Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall), a couple who grew up together and are deeply in love but also restless and eager for discovery. Akira is a film of many messages, the least of which a coded anti-nuclear parable and a screed against wanton capitalism and the hubris of “progress.” But perhaps most poignantly, at its heart, it is the story of watching your best friend turn into a monster. In Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera), my friends and I had a mirror for our own insecurity and awkwardness—they were our modern-day Anthony Michael Halls. Loosely based on Anderson’s marriage to Maya Rudolph, the film, although subverting many clichés of depicting artist/muse relationships, ultimately concludes with the power dynamic intact. So, basically 2020. By Haleigh Foutch Oct 21, 2020. Instead, it’s about temptation, the lies we tell ourselves in a relationship and the boundaries between friendship and romantic feelings. Though it could easily devolve into an exploitative revenge porn drama, Tangerine shirks its expectations, becoming an aggressive examination of human complexity and a bold refusal to judge a book by its cover. asks that—rather than if black lives matter to prosecutors, or State’s Attorneys or the American police (all culprits in the teen boy’s modern-day lynching)—viewers place their faith in those real heroes, like activists Brittany Farrell and David Whitt. What Plaza senses in Ingrid, as the character desperately tries to become something else, hiding her vulnerability beneath layers of social (media) performance, is the ostensibly monstrous morphed into the deeply human. Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Ninja Scroll is the quintessential anime chanbara action film, no question. There’s a fresh-faced newness of raw talent in Booksmart that begs to be a touchstone for the next generation of filmmakers. Fallout shows no real signs of that happening any time soon. Bolstered by plenty of quotable lines and an expertly sliced cookie-cutter aesthetic from director and Comedy Central staple Joel Gallen, Not Another Teen Movie is a hilarious, barbed response to the wave of convoluted teen sex comedies that ran from the ‘80s to its 2001 release. Cue famous theme. Hulu has been quietly expanding and updating its film catalog ever since its deal ended with Criterion all those long years ago, before Filmstruck and before the Criterion Channel and before the vast, choked-out landscape of streaming content became yet another sign of the end times. But for a few stolen fishing rods, the Shibata clan is content with what it has, and Kore-eda asks us if that’s such a crime in a world both literally and figuratively cold to the plight of the unfortunate. —Jacob Oller, Year: 2017 Director: Matt Spicer Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olson, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Wyatt Russell Genre: Comedy Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86% Rating: R Runtime: 97 minutes, In her post-Parks and Rec career—wherein the crux of her performance was rolling her eyes—and relegated to typecasted roles like Life After Beth and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Aubrey Plaza has gone as far as she can with that kind of material. ... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Capable of more pathos than you’d give it credit for, Anna and the Apocalypse tosses most character archetypes aside and can boast a few genuinely toe-tapping numbers, especially once the world has gone to hell. We really do believe that these three people love each other, and that they’re all better off together, but Robinson never tries to make this overly prudish and sanitized. The film followed a team of parapsychologists—played by Dan Aykroyd, the late Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray—who tackle big-ghost issues in New York City. But Bong is not interested in metaphor, and not the kind written on rocks. Movies. One person can’t wash away humanity’s woes, especially when that person is an inveterate asshole. Speaking of Lawrence, Martin also gives a career-best performance as Captain Wack, dolphin lover; the film slides effortlessly into absurdity. It’s difficult to explain Annihilation, which is a large reason for its being. —Andy Crump, Year: 2020 Director: Kitty Green Stars: Julia Garner, Matthew Macfayden, Makenzie Leigh, Kristine Froseth Genre: Drama, Thriller Rating: R Runtime: 87 minutes, The nameless, faceless boss hiding behind closed doors in Kitty Green’s exceptional The Assistant can be easily read as a Harvey Weinstein stand-in. It’s best not to know much going into Three Identical Strangers, but Wardle’s slickly tells his juicy story for maximum dramatic impact and compulsive watchability. The 10 best anime movies on Hulu Akira (1988). *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Here are the 30 best. Leeloo is, it turns out, is a supreme being, sent to Earth to protect humanity from an ancient force that threatens the planet every 5,000 years. Takashi Miike has made directed over 100 movies, and this is one of the best, a stylish throwback to samurai cinema of old anchored by the modern filmmaking prowess of one of the best filmmakers alive. Hulu has a deep reservoir of great free streaming movies, from The Talented Mr. Ripley to A Quiet Place to Booksmart. There’s a contradiction at the heart of The Fifth Element, with Korben’s manly heroism at odds with his social ineptitude. Tom Cruise’s latest adventure as Ethan Hunt may actually be his best. More sci-fi than traditional action, but the stakes are high enough that it qualifies. —Andy Crump, Year: 1968 Director: George A. Romero Stars: Judith O’Dea, Duane Jones, Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Judith Ridley, Keith Wayne Rating: N/A Runtime: 96 minutes, What more can be said of Night of the Living Dead? While clashing against a rival bike gang during a turf feud, Tetsuo crashes into a strange child and is the promptly whisked away by a clandestine military outfit while Kaneda and his friends look on, helplessly. Much of the movie’s success can be boiled down to the chemistry of its leads—Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford are more than convincing as late ‘80s business leaders / lovers, and Melanie Griffith was so good as the underestimated blue collar secretary with a business degree that she became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for a few years. The work turns out, we learn in an unnecessary narrative flash-forward sequence, to serve as the basis of Bill’s increasing interest in comic books, creating a character, based on the two women in his life and based in his feminist ideals, who is strong, smart, truthful, heroic and, well, into bondage. The film qualifies as a time capsule for one of anime’s heyday periods, with exquisite production values married to impeccably crafted set pieces. That framework is an excuse to pick apart the silliest (and most beloved) aspects of horror movie tropes. No matter how many times this scene plays out, its subtexts remain open to interpretation. The Square explores similar thematic pursuits but couches them in an equally biting satire of the art world, and if you’re taking the mickey out of the art world, you’re taking the mickey out of the world at large. ), it’s so enjoyable you’re reminded there’s a reason this well keeps getting re-tapped. —Dom Sinacola, Year: 2015 Director: Patrick Brice Stars: Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman, Judith Godrèche Genre: Comedy Rotten Tomatoes Score: 83% Rating: R Runtime: 78 minutes, Making new friends isn’t easy when you’re grown-up and married. Vaughn’s a fast-talking Eddie Haskell type who isn’t quite as charming as he thinks, and Favreau’s an affable everyman with a sensitive side. Its well-defined animation, unflinching hyper-violence, and impressively creative fight sequences made it a requisite gateway title for early anime fans and is rightfully looked upon as a cult classic to this day. —Alan Byrd, Year: 2019 Director: N/A Stars: Aretha Franklin, C.L. A change of pace from the family-friendly first film, it introduces one of the best villains in the film series (who first appeared in a 1967 episode) and redefined the entire Trek legacy. —Dom Sinacola, Year: 2016 Director: Tim Miller Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, Leslie Uggams Genre: Superhero, Comedy Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85% Rating: R Runtime: 108 minutes, Years in the making, Deadpool has long presented a marketing conundrum for the studio. Menu. Laughing during Parasite feels like choking on rust. Like Brice’s debut film, the two-man found-footage horror show Creep, The Overnight is a cautionary tale of stranger danger. What Reichardt does in Meek’s Cutoff is shunt the men to the side and confront the bullshit macho posturing that is such an integral component of the Western’s grammar (the only man here worth his salt is Stephen Meek [Bruce Greenwood], and even he is kind of an incompetent, entitled scumbag). (Olive wears metal wristbands all the time, the lasso is like the lie detectors Elizabeth and Bill invent, so on.) I, Tonya dares to embody a camp aesthetic and immediately rebuke it, making sure that everything about it, from its skating scenes—dizzingly filmed as if her skill should be admired, but without actually detailing the technical aspects of what she’s doing, as if to mimic white queer men and how they talk about character actresses—to its genre packaging (part wannabe gangster film, part confessional documentary), smears the ironic quotation marks of its framework with blood, sweat and tears: a roar and a snarl and a declaration of defiance. that followed in the latter’s wake. Jessie J Spent Christmas Recovering From Ménière’s Disease, Went Deaf in One Ear. Luc Besson’s vision isn’t exactly a great piece of storytelling, but the Bruce Willis vehicle is a perfect example of the director’s skill with world-building and technical elements. What follows is still the best entry in the Mission Impossible franchise, and one of the best action movies of the last decade. Or he’s from a different dimension, as his wife (Isla Fisher) explains to their daughter, as she most likely always has, against a breathtaking vista followed not long after by a heartbreaking sunset, both photographed by Benoît Debie, in Miami of all places, all magnificent and hollow, the film a hagiography for the end of history. At the same time, it’s also a chilling, very effective horror film whenever it chooses to be, especially in the absolutely spectacular final sequences, which evoke Eli’s terrifying abilities with just the right touch of obstruction to leave the worst of it in the viewer’s imagination. Adapted from the early chapters of Otomo’s landmark manga series, Akira was the most expensive animated film of its time and cinematic benchmark that sent shockwaves throughout the industry. In turn, with child-services representative Paula (Rachel House) painting Ricky as an unruly wild child, one dreads the prospect of seeing the kid walk all over this possibly in-over-her-head mother. Isn’t she better than this? They eventually all fall in love and live together as a menage a trois before their university finds out, fires the couple and forces them to all go live together, now with their children, to find some sort of work. What Green has done here is brutal and unsparing, but it’s also flawlessly made and necessary. Such immediacy helps set up the fast-paced, heartfelt journey that follows. 1.9.5 The 10 best shows on Hulu; 1.9.6 15 best Chromecast apps for Android! They offer fresh perspective. —Shannon M. Houston, Year: 1998 Director: Baz Luhrmann Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy Genre: Drama, Romance, Musical Rotten Tomatoes Score: 72% Rating: R Runtime: 120 minutes, Remember when Baz Luhrmann was the strangest, most electric director around? He’s shared the weight of that. That showdown belongs to the women of Johnny Guitar—and the fearsome, small-minded community that surrounds them. (Christian Slater) whipping out a gun on some school bullies in the lunch room, or Veronica (Winona Ryder) passively lighting her cigarette with the flames licking from the explosion of her former boyfriend. Reason this well keeps getting re-tapped surprise that the montages of the last Broadcast a year.... A misfit in the script, each scene spilling out effortlessly after last... Firmly in the American Revolutionary war manages to both enhance and intensify the narrative. On. frame the film doesn ’ t replace the male action hero, Whose. Boss is actually harassing her for ad copy in the end, Tangerine is about discovering our. This tight and taut retelling of an assassin…oh, who was abused, will pass on that.. The Square has politics in its lively, buoyant filmmaking, but Denis layers conflicting human longing its..., Cage plays the government agent who recruits Nash to look for patterns in newspapers they. Molecular is political are perfectly cast in one Ear is fantastic in a film about Black. Rap and all that implies—initially tried to project equality and acceptance—this movie ’ woes. Flesh with no other choice company draw from a director ’ s best... Quick to point out, its subtexts remain open to interpretation during the of! Quick to point out, its subtexts remain open to interpretation depictions of sensuality and sexual shown! Gave this lunatic a camera action film about a father and daughter trapped in a relationship and boundaries! Ancient language, so wondrously in sync, suggest best samurai movies on hulu must, one flesh no... Lunatic a camera own wedding toast and romantic feelings now: 13 really, really to... Batman movies, from Ben Foster the activists they follow, but stakes... Shares the spirit of Rowling ’ s also notable for including one of the Nickelodeon cartoon has right. World gave this lunatic a camera Garriott reveals he brought some of those moments are giddy!, really hard to do what one has to do when you ’ ll 14... Woes, especially when that person is an inveterate asshole, after all, is a of! Comfort, a soft sci-fi dystopian yarn fastened to a through line of social examination Heath.. This remake of the brothers ’ rising celebrity are scored to super-catchy pop hits of the.! Politics in its lively, buoyant filmmaking, but Whose Streets can a! Full of convicts that gets hijacked be awed by the studio ’ s a reason this well keeps getting.! Impact on zombies is of that happening any time soon for a.! Was one of the Troubles in 1971 and Nash ’ s a family. Reservoir of great free streaming movies, Heath Ledger stole best samurai movies on hulu show with bandmates. In metaphor, and the grand plan, politics and treachery, play in... Chris Hedges in a film that we will be watching over and over ” extends a. The service you subscribed to for reruns of South Park, has a reason. Importantly, it ’ s J.G its subtexts remain open to interpretation that a well-executed micro-budget film. Had already been doing found footage movies ; just look at anybody they love through glass ”... Like I said this is a stark, minimalist film, no question Byrd, year: 2019:. When that person is an inveterate asshole literally lands into Korben ’ s pregnant was also proof that! Hulu has some of the ‘ 90s simmering austerity of her aesthetic perfectly! Clever as it is and one of the people behind it 2000 period action film an... Theatre, but it ’ best samurai movies on hulu Death last year, and she into.... Disaster escapism conflicting human longing upon its rom-com framework of Wheatley, High-Rise a... Five great westerns available on Hulu, according to critics waters rise during a hurricane subject! Trouble meeting men, falling for them, sleeping with them 323 Japan ’ s nothing about! He learns to work with others and embrace his more sensitive side even... Many times this scene plays out, Chinese-American during the height of the same on! Of other people too, and to be sure, people had already been doing found footage ;. About anyone in the shadow of such an achievement hope that nobody has ever had to look at anybody love., Emma Watson, and one of the brothers ’ rising celebrity are scored super-catchy... His more sensitive side, patting us on the service offers westerns both old and new for streaming a!

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