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Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check how much a breed sheds​ before making a final decision​ so they are well prepared for their new pet​'s​ presence in the home. Enter 25.2 and 32.7 kg. Hounds, particularly sighthounds, have been kept for centuries living and working with people. A few breeds are known to suffer from specific hereditary and congenital health issues, although good breeding practices go a long way in reducing the risk of a dog developing a genetic disorder. The COI for Afghan Hounds as set out by the Kennel Club is 7.7% which in short means there is a large gene pool to draw from, but breeders should always take extra care when choosing their stud dogs and lines. A long-haired Afghan Hound in full coat splendor is a sight to behold. Afghan Hound dogs have evolved to navigate sometimes rigorous terrain at top speed while chasing small prey using their keen eyesight as a guide. They need to be well socialised from a young age and introduced to as many new situations, people and especially other animals to be truly confident, well-rounded dogs and even then, you must be very careful when they are around any small animals. Finding the right Afghan Hound puppy can be dog gone hard work. Afghan Hound Breed Standard Hound Group General Appearance The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness. But, if you’re keen on finding a naturally short hair Afghan Hound, you may need to resort to a mixed breed, or another dog. But the Afghan probably got its biggest publicity boost when the toy maker Mattel came out with a Barbie doll that had a pet dog—an Afghan. I worked as dog groomer in my own business in … Using a slow-feeder bowl at mealtimes and not feeding your dog just before or after intense exercise can be helpful preventative measures. If you don't have the time to brush your pet every day then choosing to share your home with an Afghan Hound would be a big mistake. Snuppy lived at Seoul University as a much-loved mascot until he sadly passed away in 2015. Rich and poor alike prized these dogs for their protective nature but most of all for their ability to hunt. They are one of the sweetest natured dogs around, very rarely showing any sort of dominant or aggressive behaviours. Your email address will not be published. Pets4Homes rates the "Afghan Hound" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Size". It is so human-like in texture and appearance, if not location! Older Afghans need to be fed a good quality diet that meets their needs at this stage of their lives all the while keeping a close eye on a dog's weight. Most notably the famous Marx brothers. Puppy-proofing the home and garden means putting away any tools and other implements that a boisterous puppy might injure themselves on. Some breeds are known to be highly intelligent which generally means they are easier to train and that they learn new things quickly. Pets4homes always recommends that any interaction between toddlers and younger children be supervised by an adult to make sure playtime stays calm and things never get too rough. With this said, any puppy is going to feel vulnerable when they leave their mother and littermates which must be taken into account. All dogs shed whether it's hair or dander (dead skin) with some breeds shedding more than others. Just looking at all that hair, you can already expect that grooming an Afghan Hound may be a time-consuming task. Other vets recommend spaying and neutering dogs when they are 6 months old, but never any earlier unless for medical reasons. How much must a Afghan Hound Female at 1 year? In 2005, the Afghan Hound “Snuppy” became the first cloned dog. Harsh correction would only result in making an already sensitive dog a lot more timid. Afghan Hound Florence, South Carolina, United States We have a number few of adorable Afghan Hound puppies registered with the AKC. All dogs need access to fresh clean water and this is especially true of older dogs when they reach their golden years because they are more at risk of developing kidney disorders. Here are some facts about the Afghan hound’s breeds. How much exercise does an Afghan Hound need? The Afghan Hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end. Allelic heterogeneity of FGF5 mutations causes the long-hair phenotype in dogs. Endurance running is another breed trait, which means the Afghan could easily run down a cheetah or other large cat. Their thick coat was needed in their native Afghanistan because it protected them from the often harsh temperatures they were bred to hunt in. So this is not the dog breed to get if you want 100 percent obedience. Afghan Hound dog racing sports can give your active hound a great regular outlet for all that pent-up speed! However, formal training are not useful until your Afghan Hound reachthe age of 6 months. Not all Afghans will live long lives, and one study found that the average lifespan of this breed was 11.9 years. Height at the withers: Males 68 - 74 cm, Females 63 - 69 cm, Average Weight: Males 20 - 27 kg, Females 20 - 27 kg. Facts about Afghan Hounds. HELP US TO STOP PUPPY FARMING, read our PUPPY FARMING Information, in association with C.A.R.I.A.D; Read our detailed Information guide about dogs for potential new dog owners. However, these dogs can also be quite playful. In the earliest times, it is thought that Afghan Hounds were a dog breed reserved for royalty. Because of the natural instincts present in this breed, and the tendency to form strong attachments with owners, you need to socialize your dog well from a young age. Breeds that form strong bonds with their families are best suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out because they are at greater risk of developing separation anxiety. You can find out more information on finding a puppy with our puppy search guide. As with many other pedigree dogs, the Afghan Hound is known to suffer from a few hereditary and acquired health disorders which includes the following: Like a lot of other sight hounds, Afghan Hounds are known to be very sensitive to anaesthetic which means that vets always take extra care when they must treat a dog for any condition that requires sedation. But then later, when you are busy doing something else, your Afghan may decide she is ready to be petted. This is definitely a dog breed for an active family that wants to include their hound in plenty of outdoor excursions! This is a dog that can readily turn heads. It’s just that, in order to see the Afghan’s silly, playful side, it usually takes owning an Afghan for yourself. If you aren’t sure how well this breed will fit into your home, there are some other similar breeds that you may prefer to consider. As previously touched upon, Afghan Hounds have consistently been a popular breed in the UK. Puppies need to sleep a lot to grow and develop as they should which means setting up a quiet area that's not too out of the way means they can retreat to it when they want to nap and it's important not to disturb them when they are sleeping. Afghan Hounds are high energy dogs and as such they need to be given a lot of exercise on a daily basis. On top of this, they need to be fed good quality food that meets all their nutritional needs throughout their lives. Afghan Hound breeders generally charge around $1,000—at the time of the writing of this article—for a puppy. We will talk about this a little later on in the guide. However, when it comes to the long-haired Afghan Hound, two strains are thought to be the foundation dogs for the modern Afghan we see today. No dog likes to be left to their own devices for extended periods of time which could lead to them being destructive around the home which is a dog's way of relieving any stress they are feeling and a way to keep themselves entertained. Including supply and demand, puppy coat color, gender, size, pet versus show quality, and other factors. When it comes to food costs, you would need to buy the best quality food whether wet or dry for your dog throughout their lives, making sure it suits the different stages of their lives. puppy from a young age to get a well behaved adult. Anything Look…Weird? The Afghan Hound is a very lean dog overall. A lot of breeds are easy maintenance on the grooming front and only need a weekly brush to keep their coats looking good and their skin in great condition. In 2005, the Afghan Hound “Snuppy” became the first cloned dog. You may see online and other adverts by scammers showing images of beautiful Afghan Hound puppies for sale at very low prices.

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